Farklılaştırılmış Öğretim


Differentiated Instruction is the adaptation of instruction according to the individual differences of the students (learning style, readiness and interest). In this book, the framework of how to do differentiated teaching focused on talent development is drawn. 21 differentiation strategies related to differentiated teaching are given with sample applications. In addition, curriculum differentiation models of [...]

Geleceğin Bilimi Genetik


This book, Assoc.Dr. 3 according to Hasan Said Tortop's “Gifted Students University Bridge Education Program (ÜMITÜKEP model), a curriculum differentiation model supporting talent development in children. The class is prepared for the science course. In this book, the students are prepared on the basis of scientific creativity, self-refining skills, scientific process and research skills, knowledge [...]

Üyükep Modeli


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